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  Dr. Vivek Bhartiya

  • MD Aarogya Mandir & Ananda Yoga,

  • B.N.Y.S., Karnataka,

  • M.A. (Philosophy-Yoga)

  • Diploma in Aerobics From Indian Aerobic Association

  • Certified zumba Instructor from U.S.A., Reiki From Karnataka

Meet Manuel

Dr. Vivek Bhartiya is graduate of naturopathy and yogic sciences from Rajiv Gandhi University of yogic sciences ,Banglore and certified fitness trainer with expertise in yoga, aerobics, zumba and diet counseling. He has also done post graduation in yoga and philosophy from Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla university Raipur ,Chattishgarh and accomplished post graduation in english language from same university as extended knowledge. He strictly maintains a naturopathy family medicine practice. Dr. Vivek is fascinated with the human body; his understanding of Human anatomy and physiology derived from his professional education leads him to explain pre and post effects of each yogic practice. As a master of various disciplines in yoga, extensive knowledge of acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Reflexology and Sports medicine aids in his teachings a more real, practical and scientific flavor.

The Practice of ahimsa results in good karma, which eventually will result in the experience of happiness and peace.

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My Specializations

Every thought, word, and deed that we do will come back to us; knowing this, be kind and compassionate toward all other beings.

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